One of the reasons building a room addition onto your home can cost a lot is that you need a foundation. Most additions need additional masonry work below the frost line so it won't get shifted around when temperatures are freezing. All this concrete and earth moving can add to your project cost quickly, but there are ways to get the most return on your investment. Here are 3 foundations to consider for your addition:


By only digging a few feet deep to build your basement, you can save big money (the bigger the room, the more you save) and you can still use wood floors and even insert full insulation under your addition. The downside is that you limit your ability to turn your basement into a full living space (with normal height ceilings) later down the road. However, many people see this as a worthy trade.

Full Basement

If you just can't do without maximum space usage and your budget can handle it, a full basement can be a great way to go. It is costly due to the digging and concrete (not to mention the labor costs from the crew as they break the old foundation to connect it to the new basement). However, what you will receive is a basement area that can be converted to a full living space easily. For some people, there is simply no other alternative to a full basement for their needs.


This is built in a very similar way to a concrete patio. However, a slab has deeper footings on the perimeter to hold up the weight of the structure. It combines the floor and the foundation into one single layer of concrete. Keep in mind that this only works correctly as an addition if the grade level of your land is correct. When it is at the right grade, you could save big by installing a slab. A professional crew can even place electrical, plumbing, and cooling lines underneath the slab. Understand that a slab is naturally cold, and a hardwood floor isn't advisable on top due to the moisture created by the concrete.

A room addition is a great way to spice up your home. Whether you want to add space or simply achieve a new look, you can choose one of the three options above to achieve your remodeling goals. Just remember to plan ahead and start with the end in mind to fit your budget and your personal taste. For more information, contact a company like Bohnstedt Construction.