Small spaces can be difficult to get comfortable in. If you have a small bathroom, you know how difficult it can be to get what needs done accomplished and find the space to store the things you need in there. If you are considering making some changes, you could benefit from learning a few space-utilizing tips.

Open Cabinetry

Instead of finding an enclosed cabinet to install a sink on, choose a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. You can install small shelves under the sink to camouflage the piping and still have space for storage underneath without taking up as much space as the enclosed cabinet.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures can help you create the illusion that your shower isn't there. Installing tile around the bathroom that extends throughout the shower with a glass enclosure will make the shower somewhat disappear. It will just look like an extension of the bathroom and will make the space feel much more open and less confined.

Utilize Wall Space

Interior walls can be utilized to create shelving without taking away from the square-footage of the room. Do this by removing the paneling or drywall from the wall and using the studs inside the wall to install the shelving on.

To give it a more finished look, you can tile, paint or plaster the walls and studs before you install the shelving. This is not a project recommended for external walls as they are needed to hold insulation to keep the cold temperatures out of your home during the winter.

Window Shelves

Glass shelves installed in front of or inside the window box will give you some more space to store the things in your bathroom without disrupting the view outside. You can use these shelves for décor, plants or to store the things that are commonly used in the bathroom.

Light Colors

Keep the colors that you use to those on the lighter side of the spectrum. Dark shades can make the room appear to be even smaller than it is, while lighter shades will help to open up the space.

Consider extending the color of the walls to a few inches of the ceiling. This technique will make the room feel taller.

Talk with your remodeling contractor to find more ways to take the small bathroom space and create something more spacious without knocking out any walls or taking away from the rooms around it.