If you're thinking of undertaking the job of building a storage shed then it is most important that you are working with a strong foundation that is dry and will last for years throughout weather conditions of all kinds. Most sheds can be bought as part of a kit from your local hardware store but the foundation will be up to you. 

There are different ways of building a foundation but the one element that will always be the same is for it to be level as you don't want to build a shed that slants or dips. Start with a good foundation and the rest is easy.

Decide on your foundation

Before you begin planning your foundation, decide on what kind of foundation you want to build. Popular methods include using an existing concrete slab and building a wooden frame on it, as well as using masonry blocks that rest on a bed of gravel. For this article we will be discussing how to dig deep trenches and insert wooden posts into concrete. 

Planning your foundation

Make sure that when planning this project that you give yourself enough room in your garden. Before you start digging or building, first mark the space that you want to build using some string and basic wooden posts. Mark the space accurately and make sure that the angles are perfectly squared to avoid any mistakes in the process.

Start building your foundation

The first step in this process is to dig deep holes and fill them with gravel. Depending on the size of your shed this might mean six posts or more. Use thick four-by-four wooden posts and insert them into the holes vertically. Make sure your posts are sticking up perfectly straight and fill in the hole around the post with concrete. Wait for the concrete to cure properly before moving on to the next stage. 

When the concrete has cured and the wooden posts are set then you can start building the rest of your foundation. Connect the posts to one another using metal brackets and long four-by-four runner beams. The runners will provide the basic wall perimeter for your shed. Nail the runners onto your posts and fill in the perimeter using long two-by-fours to build the basic frame of your shed. Finish the foundation by laying sturdy plywood on top of the wooden frame and nail it into place using sturdy nails. You are now ready to build your shed on your sturdy foundation.

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