Cleaning your air conditioner condensing unit is never a bad idea. Many people don't service their system until they start to notice decreased productivity and cold air. However, if you take some preventive measures, you can ensure that you condenser unit remains functional and efficient throughout the years. This article explains how to clean and quickly service your AC unit to keep in great working order.

What are the Condensing Fins

The outside of a condenser unit is lined with aluminum fins. These fins (that look like ridges) are thin, so they are very bendable. Also, dirt can get in between the fins, seriously slowing down the production of the entire air conditioning system. The fins are part of the coils that transfer heat out of the house. This allows the AC pump cooled air into the home. So, if the fins are not clean, the AC is going to be loud and have weakened airflow.

Clean the Dirt from the Condenser Fins

Cleaning the fins is a simple project, but you need to take the right precautions. First, you should unplug the unit, or cut the power at the circuit breaker. Cleaning the coils is much easier if you use some sort of liquid cleaning solution. Some manufacturers sell special condenser coil cleaner. However, it can be hard to find and it is expensive (if you want it, look for it at an appliance store). Otherwise, you can use a mild household degreaser.

Spray the cleaning solution onto the fins and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then, spray away the dirt with a hose. Try to use a strong stream, but be careful to not bend the fins with the stream. This is why it is unnecessary to use a pressure washer. The fins are covered by a bird cage, so you cannot really effectively scrub the fins. If your fins are extremely dirty, you can remove the guard and give it a more thorough cleaning. However, this makes the process much more time consuming.

These simple tasks can be done within a single day. However, they can often decrease the amount of electricity that you AC uses when it is running. Keeping your unit serviced will also reduce the stress that is put on it when the condenser fins are dirty. This will ultimately increase the lifespan of your air conditioner. So, go do it now, before your condenser starts to act up. Share