If you have bought a house that has an old, damaged chimney, and you know the chimney hasn't been used for years, there are a few things you want to consider doing to make it work or to repair it. You want to repair all the exterior, interior and internal problems related to the chimney, and you want it to look great. Here are a few of the options to look into, and expert help you want to get to make the chimney functional.

Chimney Repairs

Have the chimney repaired at the top by having the brick replaced. If there is wood at the top of the chimney have it replaced with metal sheeting. Repairing the damaged bricks will prevent further water damage and deterioration, and it will help restore the exterior appearance of the home. The chimney should also be cleaned out to prevent inhalation and ventilation problems in the home.

Gas Insert

If you don't want to deal with the mess and maintenance of a real wood burning fireplace, you'll want to consider getting a gas insert installed instead. You can have an installation company come and install the gas line and ventilation components, along with the insert, so that you can create a fire when you want with a remote control or switch on the wall. These are highly desired by homeowners and can improve resale potential in the future, as opposed to having an outdated, real fireplace that needs work.

Mantle Restoration

There are many different design ideas you can try when you have the mantle restored. Consider the following options:

  • Restore the original brick
  • Paint or replace the existing brick
  • Use stone, wood, or tiles to replace the brick
  • Stain or paint the mantle, or have a new wooden mantle installed

You can use the existing pieces or replace everything, even if you want to get a rustic look. Drift wood pieces for the mantle or distressed tiles can make the fireplace look authentic, even when it's new.

If you have damage on the outside and top of the chimney, and you know that the chimney has damage inside or that it hasn't been cleaned in ages, you'll want to look into get a professional to help. Don't try to do anything on your own, or to use the chimney without having it inspected, and update the fireplace so you can use it in the future. For more information on chimney restoration, contact a company like Absolute Masonry LLC.