Not every home has to have asphalt shingles on it, but many do. There are many different roofing options and with those options come some benefits and some things that might make them less attractive to you. Understanding the benefits and concerns of these roofing materials makes it easier to pick one that is right for your home when the time comes to replace the roof. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are made of paper and coated with an asphalt substance then gravel is added to them. They come in many colors and are pretty easy to install on the home. The price makes them attractive, and the life of these singles is about 20 years. They are popular because of the price and the lifespan, but they can dry out and crack over time, allowing the single to come off the roof and water to get in. Most contractors recommend them to their customers because they are well-suited to almost any weather so they can be used anywhere in the country.

Metal Roofing

Until recently, metal roofing was always used on industrial building or sheds, but it is becoming very popular as roofing for homes these days. The roofing is made from galvanized metal and is then painted before it is installed. If you want it to match the house, you can paint it with a custom color, but check with the manufacturer because they might have a color that will work for you already. The metal roofing is said to last fifty to one hundred years on a building and is very fast to install on your home. Hire a contractor with the right tools and the experience to do the work for you. The metal roof is durable and extremely light compared to the other options. 

Clay Tiles

In some parts of the country, clay tiles are placed on the roof, and while they look great, they do have some weaknesses. The tiles are strong and durable enough to last for many years, but they can break if something like a tree branch falls on them. They are also heavy, so it is typical for a roof that has clay tiles on it to need extra support under it. The structure of the roof can have additional support added after the old roofing has been removed, but it is going to add to the cost of your roofing job. These tiles have been known to last more than fifty years, making them a good value, even though the price per square foot is higher on them than either of the other two options mentioned here. 

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