If you're getting ready to have a new asphalt roof installed, you'll want to learn how to maintain it so it has a long life and you can put off replacing it as long as possible. You can talk to your roofer about things you need to do and when you should call the roofer back for assistance, so you'll be prepared for any emergency that involves your roof. Here are some things you can do to keep your roof in good shape.

Have Occasional Inspections

You may not need an annual inspection by a roofer, but you should have your roof looked at by a professional occasionally. You'll want to inspect the roof yourself as best as you can at least once a year. When you clean the gutters is a good time since you'll be near the roof then. In addition to that, have a roofer check for signs of damage or leaking when your area has had a bad stormy season or after a hailstorm. You may also want a roofer to check for problems if something looks wrong when you check your roof from the ground. Warning signs include bald areas where the granules have worn off and shingles that look crooked, cracked, or curled.

Keep Trees Away From Your Roof

It's important to have trees trimmed so they are far from your roof. Otherwise, the wind can drive the branches against the shingles and scrape off granules and knock the shingles loose. Trees also provide easy access for raccoons and rats to get on your roof. When you notice an area of your roof where branches have been brushing against the shingles, you may want to call a roofer to inspect for damage after the tree has been trimmed.

Clean Out The Gutters

If you have trees close to your house, then your gutters may fill up with leaves and tree debris in the autumn when the leaves fall. It's important to clean the gutters out when this happens so water can drain properly. If the gutters are clogged with leaves, rain can back up against the roof and cause water damage.

Make Prompt Repairs

When you notice missing or damaged shingles, you should repair them right away. If you're handy, you might choose to do this yourself. Just be sure to remove the old shingles before you put new ones in their place. Putting new shingles over old ones in an isolated area could lead to problems with leaking. If you don't like the thought of climbing on your roof, then call a roofer to make repairs so rain doesn't leak into your attic or rot the deck. Repairing a few shingles damaged by a tree or storm is a quick job, and it's essential for the longevity of your roof.

For more information, reach out to residential roofing companies near you.