Most homeowners feel somewhat dismayed when they realize it may be time to have the roof replaced. It may be because they've spotted a leak or two, or the shingles are more than 20 years old. Homeowners who are struggling financially might have no easy way to afford this. Fortunately, these individuals can ask a roofing contractor to come to their home and determine whether repair work will solve this issue.

The Main Problem

The main problem here is that a shingled roof of this age will probably spring a leak in another place after the existing flaws have been patched. However, patching could buy the customers additional time to figure out how to proceed. This is a more appropriate option when the leaks are confined to one limited area.

Even if they plan to sell the house within a few years, the homeowners must realize that an old roof reduces interest among most real estate shoppers. Those shoppers either pass up the place entirely or make an offer that accounts for the expense of a new roof.

The Possibility of Reroofing

One possibility would be a technique known as reroofing, in which the contractor adds a second set of shingles over the top. A reroofing job might cost only half as much as a full tear-off and replacement. This is still a substantial amount of money, but it may be affordable to these homeowners. They might be more comfortable with getting a home equity loan for that smaller amount.

Done correctly, this type of recovering should not cause aesthetic problems, although it may not look as sleek as the full replacement would. Reroofing has a shorter lifespan than full replacement does, but the homeowners should still gain many years before they need the bigger project to be done. Recovering can only be done once, as a third layer is too heavy.


If leaks have developed in more than one place and repair work would likely be futile, the roofer will probably recommend securing a heavy-duty tarp over the problem areas. This gives the customers months to decide what to do. The homeowners can consider whether they want a second layer of shingles or get a loan for the full replacement.

Tough Decisions

Making these decisions can be tough. Homeowners don't want to get into serious financial difficulty, yet they generally understand the importance of protecting their home with a sound roof. A roofing contractor provides knowledgeable advice on the best course of action and will accommodate the customers as much as is reasonable. Contact a roofing contractor service for more information.