While you might think about hardwood for the floors in your home, it can also be a great option to add durable finishes to your business. Commercial hardwood flooring options can include natural hardwoods, engineered flooring products, and synthetic alternatives, or a combination of these materials. The following guide will walk you through choosing the right hardwood flooring options for your business:

Benefits of Commercial Hardwood Flooring

While you might think that hardwood for commercial flooring can be a poor choice, there are a lot of benefits to using hardwood. It gives you more options for colors and styles that can be added to your interior. It is also an affordable option that is easy to maintain and repair if there ever is a problem. There are also options for refinishing if you choose to change the look of your business in the future and want to change the floors. Finally, there are many different options for the materials for commercial hardwood flooring, even though some work better than others.

Choosing the Best Wood for Commercial Floors

Next, you are going to need to choose the best hardwood flooring for commercial applications. First, white oak is still one of the best options to consider for the floors in your business due to its durability. There are also more modern tropical hardwoods that can also be great options for durable hardwood flooring. You want to find a material that is in the middle and provides comfort, durability, and options for finishing. Softwoods like pine can be affordable and unique, but they are vulnerable to problems with wear and damage.

Installation Options for Commercial Hardwood Flooring

There are also a lot of options for the installation of hardwood flooring in commercial businesses. First, when you are building out retail floor space, there might be different areas and a design that flows from the entrance to the exit. Hardwood flooring can have different borders and patterns that highlight these floorplan features.

Hardwood Alternatives to Consider for Commercial Applications

If you still don't think natural hardwoods are right for your business, you might want to consider some of the modern alternatives. Many of these systems can give your business the look of hardwood with cost-effective flooring. These materials can include engineered flooring products that can be finished with veneers. The engineered wood flooring can give your floors the look of luxury tropical wood finishes or alternative materials like bamboo. There are also modern vinyl materials that are installed in the same manner and can give your business a durable, water-resistant finish.

The installation of hardwood flooring for your business can be a great way to add elegant floors. Contact a hardwood flooring service to discuss some of these options to add hardwood flooring when building out commercial floor space.