There are a lot of reasons why you should paint the interior of your home. Also, you want to be sure you use the right paint when you do have your home's interior painted. This means choosing the right type and color of paint. You will learn some good interior painting advice here: 

When should you paint your home's interior?

You can find information online giving you an exact amount of time in which you should be repainting your home's interior. However, instead of listening to the general advice, you should decide what's right for you by paying attention to your home and then acting accordingly. 

If you are hardly ever home and you don't have children or pets, then your home can go longer between paint jobs. However, if you have kids, pets, and you spend a lot of time at home, then you should expect to be painting the interior of your home sooner. There are other things that can determine how soon you should paint. For example, if you find your kitchen has an unpleasant odor, then painting the walls should help remove any of the odors that come from the wall. 

Also, you don't have to paint all of the interior walls at the same time, because this can cause you to go longer with dirty walls while you wait for the rest of the home to need paint. If you have one or more rooms that need to be painted before the rest of the house, then have them painted. This way, you don't have to live in a home with walls that look bad. 

What type of paint should you choose?

When you are ready to have your home's interior painted, you want to make sure it's painted to your satisfaction. The color you choose is a personal choice. Consider that light colors on the walls of a smaller space can help it look larger and more open. Also, keep in mind you can go with two colors on one wall in order to create a wall that has a look that can go better with the decor. 

When you are choosing the paint for the interior, keep a few things in mind. Flat paint will be very hard for you to clean, so you may not want to use it anywhere in the house except in places like inside the closets. High gloss paint is very easy to clean but can be too shiny for main living areas, so you may want to use it in places like the bathrooms and the kitchen. For those main living areas like the living room and bedrooms, consider going with a semi-gloss. The semi-gloss still has a nice shine to it and is easy to keep clean, but it won't reflect the light as much as a higher gloss.