When you own a commercial building and are responsible for its upkeep, maintenance, and repairs, there will be times when you have to deal with plumbing issues. When these problems come up, you may be tempted to hire the same plumbing service that helps out with issues with your home.

However, commercial and residential plumbing problems and repairs are quite different. There are a couple of reasons why you should hire a commercial plumbing service for problems with your business building instead of using someone who solely works on residential properties.

1. Solving Issues with Leaks or Clogs Are Normally More Complex in a Commercial Building Versus a House

One reason why you should always use a commercial plumber to deal with your business building's problems is that the process of solving issues with leaks or clogged drains is normally more complex in a business building versus a house. In a home, there are not as many drains and pipes, allowing the plumber to easily narrow down the location of the clog or leak.

However, commercial buildings usually have a massive network of pipes compared to houses. A commercial plumber will need to troubleshoot multiple areas in the building and may even need to cut into and repair walls to access problem areas.

2. Repairing or Replacing Pipes in a Business Building Takes Special Tools and Experience Typically Not Needed for Homes

Another reason to hire a commercial plumber versus a residential one is that repairing or replacing pipes in a business building requires special tools and experience. While this is also the case for homes, the tools needed are standard in the plumbing industry.

However, with commercial properties, the pipes are often much larger than residential ones and require special cutting torches and wrenches. These require the right experience to use properly without causing further damage to the business building's plumbing system.

When you have problems with your business building's plumbing, a professional who primarily works on commercial properties should be used instead of a residential plumber. Not only is the process of solving issues with leaks and clogs more complex and the repairs take specialized tools and experience, but it is also required by local building codes to have a commercially licensed plumber do the work. If you have any issues with your building's pipes, contact a commercial plumbing service in your area to speak with someone who can help you.